I’ll tell you what some of my family and friends told me when I asked them to describe me with one word: clever, innovative, faithful, truth-seeking, genuine, honorable epistemilogical, a renaissance man, and weird (thanks buddy…)

I’m a Media Designer, but I didn’t start out that way. I was once a scruffy lookin’ Jr. High kid making movies with his friends and a home camcorder (that’s right, editing in camera, keeping it classy). I’m sure that many of you can relate. Growing up in a very media saturated home, it’s no surprise that I was so drawn to movies. Back then, I thought that making movies was what I was created to do. Thankfully, I see my life with much wider scope these days.

Surprise autobiography time: I was home educated. I grew up in the Bible belt. I traveled much of the eastern US with my family as a youngster and much of the western US in my early 20’s. Also, one time I went to Canada for a week. When the hounds of heaven finally pinned me down (it’s a crazy story I’d love to tell you about if you’re interested), my whole life shifted gears. I know it’s awfully cliche these days, but rebirth is the most succinct way to describe the change that took place between who I was and who I was to become. The reality of the world around me became so much clearer to me than ever before. This all as an introduction to say that I am not just a designer by trade or career. Granted: my definition of design is broad. Even so, design is the way that I see the world around me.

Perhaps it’s just haggling over semantics… I don’t mind being called a photographer, graphic designer, or filmmaker because I know that I am those things. I am also a father, a husband, and a brother. Hey, sometimes I even try to be a baker or a mechanic, to my own chagrin. Regardless of the skills or tools I employ to start and finish any task, I do them as a designer. Professionally, I design media. So there you have it: Media Designer. Just in case you missed it the first time around.

I am obsessed with story. I love visual storytelling, so I hope that is a common theme you’ll see in my work. I’m also infatuated with film and alternative process photography. I’ve tried to go back and account for how many rolls of film I’ve shot since I started, but I’ve lost track since 112. I know that must seem like chump change to you vets out there, but- wait… you’ve shot a film too?! LET’S HAVE COFFEE!!! I would love to glean from your experience, swap stories, or even go shooting with you.

I’ve been diagnosed with the typographical diseases of both Typochondria and Typophilia. Yes, I am a “type nerd”. Some day, I may blossom into a full-fledged typographer… For now you will find me laughing at the demise of Comic Sans with friends (I know, its rather immature of us), predicting the next extinction of a typeface by misuse, and watching every Matthew Carter video I can get my hands on.

I’ve gone to trade schools and universities, but I don’t think that should really mean much to you. Masses of people go in and out of schools and never learn much of anything if they aren’t motivated to educate themselves. However, I love learning! I also really enjoy searching for inspiring things.

I study theology in my spare time. I play the cello. I want to be a blacksmith some day. I think that just about covers it. But hey, just in case I missed anything, if you have any questions or would like to start a conversation, drop me a line at: wm.smith.3@gmail.com. I’d love to hear from you.

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