Today I got the chance to assist my good friend and teacher, Rob Curfman. For as long as I can remember, Mr. Curfman has taken the Harbour Shores cast photo for Behold the Lamb. I can remember him shooting all the way in the back row of the auditorium when I was 12 years old. Now, 10 years later, I was in that back row with him myself, learning the ropes from the master.
All he needed was a White Lighting and a 50mm on his Canon 5D. The goal was to use the tungsten overheads as key and the White Lighting as fill for the shadows, which ended up being just about a two and a half stops above what we metered for the overheads.
Any white balance issues would be corrected in post, since the overheads were about 5500 K and the White Lighting is 3200 K.
I’ll get the chance to edit one of the images for practice next week, so I might post an update about the particulars then. For now, I’m still running off of the energy Curfman generally lives life with and inspired by his perspective.