Where The Wild Things Bar

A mashup of Maurice Sendak’s “Where the Wild Things Are” and Cassius Marcellus Coolidge “Dog’s Playing Poker”. Initially started out with some kind of play on Where the Wild Things Are like Where the Mild Things Are, potentially just showing the characters wearing suits in a portrait.

A testament to wildness, even in the midst adulthood and attempting to function in a well-adjusted manner in society.

Bob Dylan Creativity Quote, “Things had become too familiar and I might have to disorient myself.”

“And it dawned on me that I might have to change my inner thought patterns…that I would have to start believing in possibilities that I wouldn’t have allowed before, that I had been closing my creativity down to a very narrow, controllable scale…that things had become too familiar and I might have to disorient myself.” // Bob Dylan

I know I’m not the only one to find inspiration from the _nitch account. Go ahead and give them follow. Especially liked this Bob Dylan quote this evening and made a thing.

One Kind of Criticism is Adjacent to Another with Jeff Goldblum

I love me some Jeff Goldblum. I love this.

And please some of this. I can’t find the Cooking with Jeff that features Jonathan Gold for some reason, but that one’s my absolute favorite.

Anyway. I’ve been listening to some of his jazz stuff on Spotify lately

I’ve also recently came across some Palette Gear, so I needed something to practice my set up with. In honor of Jeff and Jazz.

Nobody Respect My Vision

There are so many classic lines from The Disaster Artist to choose from. The main consideration I put into what line to use for these pieces is how quotable they are. I opted for “Nobody respect my vision”. It turns out nicely that it conveys the theme from the film so well. A man who pursues his dreams in the face of adversity and ridicule eventually receives acclaim… Not for being a visionary or performer, but because The Room is considered the “Best Worst Movie Ever Made”.

There are many times in work when I feel misunderstood that I say this line tongue in cheek. Sometimes we can take ourselves too seriously, and its helpful to remember the large gap that can often occur between intention and execution.