Not a Place of Jelly-Man Toys

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is a bit of a staple in my house. There’s this particular line in the movie… Walter had received a Stretch Armstrong toy for his birthday and has been carrying it around with his brief case. His new boss (portrayed by Adam Scott in as insulting and rude a manner as possible) begins to pick on him for it, and as Walter starts to zone out and imagine an escalating conflict the boss says, “Give me the toy man, now! This is a place of business, not a place of jelly-man toys!” A fight breaks out, they break through a skyscraper, and a hilarious action fight scene unfolds.

Sometimes when we talk about professionalism in the studio, I like to say this.

Add it to the growing number of fan shirts?

Did you just say Cauliflower to me?

This weekend my dad and brothers went on our annual father/son retreat. We usually screen a film in the evenings on these outings. This time, when Evan and I heard the other fellas hadn’t seen Steven Soderbergh and Rebecca Blunt’s “Logan Lucky”, we knew we’d had a winner. While there are a number of endearing scenes of dialogue in the film, nothing beats the way Adam Driver says, “Cauliflower”. And so, in honor of the inciting incident in Logan Lucky, the following “Did you say Cauliflower to me?” tribute was born:

I think we’ll be ordering t-shirts. Let me know if you want one.


This was one of my most popular posts from 2019, so I did make the t-shirts and sold about a dozen of them. You can find them here