Guatemala – Hope Haven & Antigua

About 10 years ago Hope Haven International started their work in Antigua, Guatemala. They build wheelchairs for disabled people all over Guatemala and in some of the surrounding areas. The wheelchairs they make are primarily given to children. The warehouse is used make a special kind of wheelchair which is modular and easy to adjust as they grow.

They also employ many people with disabilities – who themselves have received their wheelchair from Hope Haven. This allows them to care for their families in ways that would otherwise be much more difficult.

Hope Haven

Casa Mia

We stayed at the Casa Mia in Antigua.


Also got the opportunity to explore the city of Antigua that afternoon and evening.

Israel – 70 years

2018 has been a year filled with opportunity. Going to Israel in the middle of such a historic moment was breathtaking. They are celebrating 70 years of nationality, the U.S. Embassy opened in Jerusalem this last week, the 800th anniversary of the Franciscan Monks in Jerusalem, Shavuot and Ramadan were both taking taking place last weekend, along with increasing tension and violence in Gaza.