Filmonaut XXIII – Zenza Bronica on Ilford XP2 Super and Fuji 160 NS

I spent a lot of the early part of this year parting out a new Zenza Bronica ERTS. I purchased the film body, lens, film back, and view finder all separately. It took a while, but I ended up getting the whole thing put together for about 40% less than I would have spent if I had gotten one all in one piece. It’s pretty heavy, but much more precise than the TLR I had been using. Besides that, I much prefer metering through the view finder than metering externally like I had been doing.

It shows how well my buddy Caleb knows me that he gifted a film outing for my birthday! I’m really thankful for that time in the middle of a creative dry season. We ended up shooting right at the last part of fall when the sun sets sooner in the evening, so it got pretty dark fast! But if I’ve learned anything about shooting film in the past its that the process is the majority of the reward and the end result. You can’t be afraid to make mistakes or you won’t learn very much and get any good at shooting film takes being invested in learning a lot.

So, even though they’re all pretty messy, I’m proud of them just the same.