Confession – Joshua Blair – Portraits

Joshua had been working on the “big secret project” for months already before he sent me a couple of his pieces, the pieces with the most references to his alter ego character, particularly in “Jesus Christ Superstar”.

These more visceral, aggressive pieces like, “Take Over” were my main source of material and inspiration for the shoot. Joshua shared some visual references with me, but also shared a good number of aesthetic references in the album. Leather jackets, excess, designer clothes, smoking, Victoria’s Secret, celebrity, pop icons, etc.

We did our best to emulate Lana Del Rey’s, “Born to Die”, with a hat tip “benedictio latina” thrown in for the cover.

Joshua’s experiences with acting made the photo shoot feel like we were on a stage or film set as he embraced the rockstar inside.

The reason we employ satire is usually that a simple message won’t be heard on its own merit, whether because it’s become PC to discuss with common language or because it’s been co-opted. When that message is pushed to its furthest, most absurd limit, we’re more willing to listen and more capable of connecting the dots.

In the end, the album is more of a 50/50 split in my opinion. Half edgy satire, half real vulnerability. This is a part of the “Jekyll and Hyde” tendency he describes in the album. It’s a duality that deeply resonates with me. And in the end, you’ll still hear much more of the good doctor in the album and see more of Hyde in the images.

My hope with this set is that the brash, arrogance is obvious on the surface. Even while shooting, however,Β  I could sense something else entirely, under that surface. It’s the same thing I think you’ll experience when you listen to the full album. The personal, painful, raw, sincerity of confession and longing for absolution.

Go ahead and take a listen:

Angela Herrington – Portraits

Shooting with Angela Herrington was a blast. Its great working with someone who trusts you to do well. Angela has been driving the Broken Beautiful BOLD online women’s ministry and coaching digital entrepreneurs. I always love learning more about my clients work and passion – using the camera as a format for connecting with them has always been a pleasure. Connecting with Angela in this way was no exception.

Storm Sandlin – Portraits

My two cousins, Ben and Amelia have been writing together under the name Storm Sandlin for the last few years. Last year they released their first “Poe Inspired” collection of short stories and poems called, “A Chill in the Air”. They have a really fun, quirky style that I think I can trace back to half Poe, half Burton inspired. At the same time, they have a sort of antique air that I think comes from their research and love of genealogy. We shot some of these over the period of a few months whenever we got together for them to use as promo material. In the end, I’m proud of that the images seem to reflect just the right amount of oddness for the profession.


Joie ~ Labor Day Weekend

This last weekend we finally got the chance to take Joie on a photoshoot! We’ve been wanting to do this for a while and we’re so thankful that Grandma and Grandpa gifted us with an extended date. We ran a few errands and went out to lunch while they entertained the kids for us.

And this happened:


Each eye it cheers when she appears,
Like Phoebus in the morning,

When past the shower, and every flower
The garden is adorning:


As the wretch looks o’er Siberia’s shore,
When winter-bound the wave is;

Sae droops our heart, when we maun part
Frae charming, lovely Davies.


Her smile’s a gift frae ‘boon the lift,
That maks us mair than princes;

A sceptred hand, a king’s command,
Is in her darting glances;

The man in arms ‘gainst female charms
Even he her willing slave is,

He hugs his chain, and owns the reign
Of conquering, lovely Davies.

joie-labor-day-2016-25-of-51My Muse, to dream of such a theme,
Her feeble powers surrender:

The eagle’s gaze alone surveys
The sun’s meridian splendour.

I wad in vain essay the strain,
The deed too daring brave is;

I’ll drap the lyre,

joie-labor-day-2016-48-of-51and mute admire

The charms o’ lovely Davies.


– Robert Burns, excerpt from “The Charms of Lovely Davies”