Angela Herrington – Portraits

Shooting with Angela Herrington was a blast. Its great working with someone who trusts you to do well. Angela has been driving the Broken Beautiful BOLD online women’s ministry and coaching digital entrepreneurs. I always love learning more about my clients work and passion – using the camera as a format for connecting with them has always been a pleasure. Connecting with Angela in this way was no exception.

Storm Sandlin – Portraits

My two cousins, Ben and Amelia have been writing together under the name Storm Sandlin for the last few years. Last year they released their first “Poe Inspired” collection of short stories and poems called, “A Chill in the Air”. They have a really fun, quirky style that I think I can trace back to half Poe, half Burton inspired. At the same time, they have a sort of antique air that I think comes from their research and love of genealogy. We shot some of these over the period of a few months whenever we got together for them to use as promo material. In the end, I’m proud of that the images seem to reflect just the right amount of oddness for the profession.


Joie ~ Labor Day Weekend

This last weekend we finally got the chance to take Joie on a photoshoot! We’ve been wanting to do this for a while and we’re so thankful that Grandma and Grandpa gifted us with an extended date. We ran a few errands and went out to lunch while they entertained the kids for us.

And this happened:


Each eye it cheers when she appears,
Like Phoebus in the morning,

When past the shower, and every flower
The garden is adorning:


As the wretch looks o’er Siberia’s shore,
When winter-bound the wave is;

Sae droops our heart, when we maun part
Frae charming, lovely Davies.


Her smile’s a gift frae ‘boon the lift,
That maks us mair than princes;

A sceptred hand, a king’s command,
Is in her darting glances;

The man in arms ‘gainst female charms
Even he her willing slave is,

He hugs his chain, and owns the reign
Of conquering, lovely Davies.

joie-labor-day-2016-25-of-51My Muse, to dream of such a theme,
Her feeble powers surrender:

The eagle’s gaze alone surveys
The sun’s meridian splendour.

I wad in vain essay the strain,
The deed too daring brave is;

I’ll drap the lyre,

joie-labor-day-2016-48-of-51and mute admire

The charms o’ lovely Davies.


– Robert Burns, excerpt from “The Charms of Lovely Davies”


Macbeth Promo Shoot

It’s been so thrilling to participate with Attic Theatre in this year’s adaptation of Shakespeare’s, “Macbeth”. Let’s just say… Crime doesn’t pay. The story of a fallen war hero who gives in to his unsavory ambitions and sears his conscience with an initial act of treason results in a slippery slope of cover ups that eventually seal his fate at the hands of those whom he’s betrayed. It’s been a challenge to make this theme of restitution palatable for a modern audience, but ultimately has been very rewarding. I think our intention to make this story personal and relatable has shown through each portion of the production, including these promo shots!
The first series here have already been edited a little bit. In addition to the basics, I also accentuated the lighting to make it more dramatic and appear to be coming from one side more than the other.


The next series is the results of dozens of glass and paper textures as well as some significant burning and dodging to achieve a very antique look.


We hope to see you there at one of the performances:


South Harbour Clubhouse
Indianapolis, IN

March 4th, 5th, at 7pm and 6th at 2pm and 7pm

Hannah + Grace – Portraits

Hannah and Grace have been in theater and ballet for many years. They have pioneered their own ballet program together that teaches basic design principles through the art. They are quick witted, kind, and very fun! It was ideal to have these two ladies dedicated to their fine art in such fine surroundings at the Paramount! These two shoots were about 3 months apart and I’d made a few adjustments between the two, lets see if you can notice the difference. Before I was editing on a Toshiba and now I’m editing on a Macbook. You’ll mostly see it in the shadows and blacks I think. The field we were shooting in was completely perfect, the first week of spring, no green yet but lots of great textures you just don’t get in any other part of the year.

Hannah + Grace - Senior - Dance - 2015 - reduced-59

Hannah + Grace - Senior - Dance - 2015 - reduced-1

Hannah + Grace - Senior - Dance - 2015 - pm-3

Hannah + Grace - Senior - Dance - 2015 - reduced-17

Hannah + Grace - Senior - Dance - 2015 - reduced-133

Hannah + Grace - Senior - Dance - 2015 - reduced-136



Hannah-and-Grace-2016-round-two (44 of 79)

Hannah-and-Grace-2016-round-two (40 of 79)

Hannah-and-Grace-2016-round-two (24 of 79)


Hannah-and-Grace-2016-round-two (49 of 79)

Hannah-and-Grace-2016-round-two (64 of 79)

Hannah-and-Grace-2016-round-two (75 of 79)

Hannah-and-Grace-2016-round-two (66 of 79)

Hannah-and-Grace-2016-round-two (55 of 79)