Filmonaut XII – Atomic Bowling

Filmonaut XII – Atomic Bowling






96310017Megan with Shari, owner at Midwest Coffee Company


96310019a photo from Lou Gerig of Bacca and I at the inauguration

Mr. Millikan can never seem to keep his eyes open long enough for a photo…


a little wilderness hike that took me to a few fun places


creekpanoramafilmmy first film panorama!








an even older duckpin bowling alley on the 3rd floor


98090009atomic bowling in the basement


Soviet Sarah’s turn – and a dapper young man named Ryan


The Forlorn Rhinoceros: Representation to Abstract Composition & Back Again

The Forlorn Rhinoceros: Representation to Abstract Composition & Back Again

In our latest design class, Joie and I assigned our students their second composition study. The idea is to take a representational piece, abstract that piece into its basic compositional elements, and then use the composition you made to make a new representational piece. If that doesn’t make sense, that’s okay! In fact, that’s why I did the following as an example for the class:
I started with this painting by Claude Monet titled, “Gare Saint-Lazare”. This painting of a train station is already fairly abstracted, being impressionistic in nature, so it made for an easy subject for this example.


I then used 5 values (black, 25% grey, 50% grey, 75% grey, and white) to simplify the composition. This is a sketch of how it might look if the painting had only used these 5 values. Then I took those values from the last image and rounded their corners and connected their points to try to come up with the basic composition of the values, contrast, and shapes.

These are some other examples we sent to our students for this assignment:

The original piece here is called, “The Forest Troll” by Justin Gerard, one of my favorite illustrators. He has an extensive series of articles of the process he followed for his piece here

I’m not sure who made this photo (if you do, let me know). This is Joie’s example:

The second half of this Composition study, is to take the composition which we abstracted from our representational piece in the last class and turn it into something representational again. Here is the next half of the process:


Starting this time where I left off last time, here is the composition we came up with from Claude Monet’s “Gare Saint-Lazare”. We’ve simplified the original painting into its basic values, shapes, and contrast. After considering the composition for a while, I started sketching some new lines with the intention of representing something specific. The image above is just an overlay of the composition and the next frame, but I think it may illustrate how I tried to use some of the elements from the original composition.


This was my third try… first I was seeing a row of people and a dragon… then I went with an automobile in shed… then with an airship over a sea of clouds. Finally I rested on this rhinoceros idea.

The last sketch after textures, burning, dodging, and sharpening.

These are some of the thumbnails from the process.

The biggest changes to the composition occurred at the third thumbnail, when I shifted the lighter values from what used to be sky in the background of the original painting to a much darker background for the forest in this one. Also, the psychic lines from the rhino and the far left bird ends up directing the eye a bit differently than the original.

In the end, it was definitely a good exercise. I’m sure it will be one that our students with enjoy and learn from.

The Hunter Project

The Hunter Project

I’m finally getting my hands dirty with some video work again! It’s pretty fun to get back into the swing of things with some of my faithful working buddies.

We’re interviewing the last living children of my great grandfather and great grandmother who just happen to be my grandmother and great aunt. If any of you know anything about my family and I, I’m sure you know how special our Hunter heritage is to us, and that’s why it’s so exciting to be working on this project in particular.

grandma Mildred and her sister Stellamae
my great grandfather, typesetting… now we know where I get it from

aunt Jo, sipping tea and our set up for today

So, heads up everybody! Be looking for the final documentary sometime in the next two years. I’ll let you know how it’s progressing from time to time.

The Photo Shoot Extravaganza!

The Photo Shoot Extravaganza!

UPDATE: This event has been rescheduled to occur on April 7th. See here for more information


I can’t wait! This is going to be such a fun event! As it says on the flyer, we’ll meet at the Noble Coffee & Tea Company on the Noblesville Square. We may pick up some balloons and carry them around with us all day so we’ll be easy to find. 
To register for your own time slot, please email me at wm.smith.3@gmaildotcom ( with Promo Shoot in the subject. If you have any particulars for your session, be sure to let me know in your email. Otherwise, we will work as usual and shoot to our hearts content.
We only have enough time in this 5 hour window to book up to 12 sessions at the most, so don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions. March 10th will come upon us before you know it.
If you’ve never met MJ (highly unlikely) or seen his work visit to get an idea of his awesomeness. We work together on a lot of Ripplewave projects too, so if you’ve seen one of us in person, it’s highly likely that you’ve seen the other.
Hope to see you there!
Fun With Ambigrams II – Liberty & Justice

Fun With Ambigrams II – Liberty & Justice

After the fun I had with the “yeah” ambigram, I thought I’d give it another go. This time, I wanted to try two different words instead of just one. So instead of one ambigram saying yeah, it’s one ambigram saying “liberty” one way and “justice” the other. Because of the nature of the ambigram, I wanted to pick two words which can seem opposed to each other sometimes, but really need each other to survive. I guess you could say it is anti-dualism.
I finally started making some progress here.
Liberty one way, Justice the other

The final version

Filmonaut XI

Filmonaut XI

Something odd happened to one of these rolls… the coloring has turned either entirely blue or has blue streaks across them. I’m thinking the developer is probably expired. Another roll is probably the messiest roll I have ever posted. Very hairy. Very linty. Out of focus from a bad scanner. Strange color cast. So they all look rather fun this time through. I don’t know that you’ll see another quite like this on here. Enjoy!




Working on a wooden punch cutting logo for Ripplewave

Almost done here



FilmonautXI_10001 - Copy (1)
(The ever elusive Caleb)

FilmonautXI_10001 (1)

scan0005 - Copy (1)
Dad, showing us around the office for the first time

No one ever climbed a tree so well as this woman




MJ and I trying out the Trinity knot at a wedding

Trying out the Eldridge knot on Valentine’s day

Indy at night