Earlier this month my sister Sarah approached me with an idea she had for a photo contest the The Barista Guild of America is holding. This guild is holding a barista camp in Wisconsin to teach up-and-coming baristas some of the finer points of coffee (including latte art!) as well as offer differing levels of certification for baristas. Whoever wins the contest gets a free ride to barista camp, which is something Sarah has wanted to do for quite some time now.

We missed the deadline for the contest that is running right now, but she plans on entering the next contest they will be holding in October for the same camp in California.

To enter, you simply submit a photo with a caption that explains why you love the craft of being a barista. To win, you get the most votes for your photo.

This is the final image Sarah will be submitting later this year:


Building-the-Coffee-Monster-2-Sarah-Smith-Barista-Guild-Backdrop-wmiii.coSarah, crafting the coffee monster

Coffee-Monster-Sarah-Smith-Barista-Guild-Backdrop-wmiii.coLighting the coffee monster on his own backdrop we made with construction paper

Lighting-the-Extras-Sarah-Smith-Barista-Guild-Backdrop-wmiii.coTrying to match the lighting scenarios, we put the green blanket behind the subjects so that they would blend into the darker background a little easier in the final composite.


Coffee-Monster-Editing-2-Sarah-Smith-Barista-Guild-Backdrop-wmiii.coThe editing process… lots of masking!

Coffee-Monster-Introduction-Sarah-Smith-Barista-Guild-wmiii.coAnd once again, the final image

I’ll write another update when voting time comes around in October, with links and all so we can all help Sarah get to barista camp!