I had a blast shooting for TACHE’s 19th century cotillion dance last week. One of the things I offered in addition to family, group, and documentary style photos was an old fashioned looking portrait I shot through the back of my Ibsor DRP with my digital camera. It was first done successfully with Sophia’s portraits last year, so it nice to see that I could mass produce them and didn’t take nearly as long being practiced with the system as it did with Sophia’s when I was just experimenting.

My Ibsor DRP is the oldest camera I own at present (1910s era) and since the dance is Civil War era (1860-1890 is the time period of dress) the camera was only about 20-30 years further into the future than people would have been shooting with at the time of these cotillions. Maybe I could obtain an even older camera before the next event… One can only hope.