I’ve been following a number of illustrators for a few years like Justin Gerard, Cory Godbey, and Christopher Denise. I’ve always been really interested in their approaches to physical and digital media and illustration processes. Last week, Joie and I got a special deal on matching Wacom Intous tablets! I’ve always wanted one of these.

I’m excited to cut out the back and forth of scanning, curves, punching out and retracing when I know the end of the piece will be primarily digital. In addition to helping me speed up my photo editing and re-touching when it comes to adjustment brushes, I’m excited to try out some of the techniques I’ve been reading about for so long.

Other than messing around getting my preferences set up, this is the first sketch I decided to dive into. Last year I did this sketch for notes of a special sermon on David and Goliath from last year. I’ve been wanting to explore the character a little more so this was a fun chance to experiment. Those of you who know me won’t be surprised, but I was inspired by Geoff Gouveia and Wes Anderson. Ehe. I started out with the sketch from my notebook for reference. I just used the standard 4 drybrush preset with pressure and opacity sensitivity on. I traced it out and put in a new textured and stippling on the sides.

Then I just colored it in, added some accents to the fur, and changed all but his outline to blue ink. Lastly, to up the contrast a bit I brushed in some highlighting behind him and some vignetting around the edges, as well as a bit behind the title to help it pop.


I think I’ll do a spread of the Goliath character next to accompany it.

If you’re in the digital drawing practice, I’d love to hear about your approach and process, especially if you think you could give me any pointers!