Celebration is in order. This is technically the 10th Filmonaut Album! Let’s call it, the 10th album anniversary… Another cause for celebration, is that I’ve now been shooting film for one solid year! (Including my first two analog albums, that actually makes 12 albums… but who’s counting? Not me.)

The final (and third) reason for celebration is the addition of a new film camera which I picked up from a gracious friend recently. The Pentax Asahi K1000 with the standard 50mm, a 80-200mm, and a 2X converter. There’s a bit of an issue with one of the Pentax lenses… it’s leaving a set of lines on the images that are slightly less sharp/more blurry than the rest of the images. But I’ll work that out eventually. At this point, I’ll take some advice from my good friend Rob Curfman and consider it a fingerprint of the process.

A power outage. Mamma’s flashlight stories.

Happy New Year!