If you saw my last post, you’ll remember that 5 of the several rolls I recently developed turned out to be double exposures (no, it was not on purpose). These are the rest of those double exposure images along with a few “normal” ones.

reunited old friends

Filmonaut-XIV-14-Fleck-Party-Joy-wmiii.co-1This one actually turned out to be pretty cool… that section in the middle of the frame where the blinds are in focus is the reflection from the screen on my digital camera. Because the blinds are the same distance from the screen on the digital camera as Joy is from the film camera, they were in focus too. Thus, the random looking blinds in the middle of an otherwise intelligible blur that is the screen on my digital camera. XD






There’s dad in the left quarter of the frame


Filmonaut-XIV-14-Joshua-contenders-wmiii.co-1my buddy, Joshua, in a half way completed camera obscura


Working on the house with MJ

Filmonaut-XIV-14-Hazardous-journey-meeting-wmiii.co-1a panorama that turned out to be pretty fun

Sometimes my work shows up in the strangest places! I like those little surprises.

Donna, the crazy cardinal who flies into the living room window three times a day. I finally got a shot of her.

Filmonaut-XIV-14-MJ-waiting-wmiii.co-1MJ, waiting at Noble Coffee & Tea Company for the first participants of the Photo Shoot Extravaganza to show up.