Well, I’ve got quite a number of catch up rolls in here. As you can tell, some of these are from the the summer and some are from a couple weeks ago. I must have gotten the order mixed up somewhere along the line… Though they are nice to see when it is so frigid these days. I just got 5 more rolls of Ilford in the mail yesterday so I’ll be shooting a lot more 120 before you see the next album. Also, I’ll be working on attaining a medium format that I can use said 120 in so that I can have a little more control than I’ve had with the Holga I’ve been shooting all the other medium format shots on. We shall see how that search pans out.

The dogs in these shots belong to the Wise’s from my shoot with Olive back in August. The shots of me have been taken by my wife. 

About half way down you’ll see some shots from a particularly exciting visit to Ned and Sarah’s. Not only did we visit Sarah’s second coffee shop and eat lunch at Tom and Chee, but I also  got to explore Louisville’s Hackerspace, LVL 1.  Just in case you are wondering about the “undead inside” door.

There’s another version of my favorite shot from Beth and MJ’s shoot in December, which was my first time free lensing with a film camera. I’m sure I’ll be doing that more often.

I was able to take Caleb and the fam to the airport on his way back to basic training as well, so you’ll see some of him and his girlfriend Karsyn as well.

What say you to a physical Filmonaut book? Would there be any takers? MJ and I are concepting such a project and are curious as to what kind of reception it might receive…