Last time I posted some film photos in the Filmonaut XVII album, I said that I wanted to obtain a medium format camera with more control than my Holga to shoot with those rolls of Ilford? 

Well, here are the results from my brand new (traded, actually, from the 1950s) Super Ricohflex. These were all shot on Ilford Delta HP5 400. The combination of this film stock with the Ricohflex presented such great tones and contrast! I really didn’t know what kind of images to expect to come from the camera when I first started shooting with it, but I couldn’t be more pleased!


I’ve been using a light meter app on my phone, which is another thing which has worked surprisingly well so far. Since the images below were developed, I’ve shot a good bit from a snowboarding trip on the slopes (we actually rigged a case for the camera out of scarfs and toboggan hats, but that’s another story), met with another brilliant film photographer and learned many things (perhaps more on that to come?) and shot with a good number of other film stocks to broaden my horizons. I can’t wait to share the rest with you and I hope you enjoy, despite the lint on my scans.