The Grand Budapest Hotel stitches are finally complete! This is my third run since I started sharing the Film Panorama project with you, almost exactly two years ago! If this is your first time seeing this project, I dig into a little more detail on my first post on Wes Anderson’s Hotel Chevalier

As I mentioned in with the Hotel Chevalier stitches, Wes Anderson’s films are ideal for this project. The symmetry in the composition and sheer number steady tripod pans at a consistent speed make it a very clean study. There are some really fun actions shots in here I know you’ll love as much as I do. Its definitely a poster child for the Film Panoramas project because it shows off the visual style so well, in particular, the 3 or 4 point pans. He’ll place the camera in the middle of a room or hall and then pan and stop every 90 degrees.

70 Total Panoramic Stitches for The Grand Budapest Hotel

Even though there a couple fewer shots to stitch than the last one, this still took me a while longer because the majority of these pan shots are actually longer in length overall.

Film Panoramas on Patreon

I’ll be slowly working through the next piece. Still trying to decide between Birdman and The Revenant… What do you think? I started a Patreon account for these Film Panoramas. Supporting this Patreon account is for you if you want to help me expedite the process for new stitches.

There is a basic landing site here and you can find my Patreon profile here. I’ve got a few fun rewards set up for patrons I think you’d enjoy. I’d also appreciate hearing if you would like a different sort of reward I don’t currently have listed.

Disclosure on Experimental Stitches

There are a number of these stitches which are better termed experimental. Prime examples of some of the strangeness that can occur is if the shot isn’t a very clean pan. Pan shots with any kind of dolly involvement usually warp perspective significantly. I included any of these options in the series that still seemed to work, even if its a bit odd in a few seams, the complete picture is still helpful.