My sister Beth gave me a typography notebook for Christmas this year (to practice my fonting, as she says). I’ve had quite a lot of fun with it lately. While doing a sketch earlier this week, I realized something about a particular set of “yeah”s:

It reminded me of a cover from when the 20th anniversary edition of The Princess Bride released 6 years ago.

The title is what’s called an ambigram. An ambigram is a form of typography which allows for one word to be read in a number of ways (something I’ve just recently learned). This title from the DVD is a 180 degree rotational ambigram.


I know that to most it’s just a clever gimmick when applied to most forms of modern media, like this one. Nonetheless, I still find it rather exciting.

That brings us to the “yeah”. Of course, a thirteen letter ambigram would take a significantly larger amount of talent to make than a four letter one… ¬†Though an argument can always be made for simplicity… Regardless, even as a sketch it is easy to see how the “yeah” letters slide themselves right into an ambigram.


Once you see it, all that’s left to do is write one half of the word the right way. As you can see, that’s something I had been trying to do with the subsequent “ye”s.


I drew this guy in after a bit of fooling with the “ye” and “ah”s for a while and liked him the best.

Then I duplicated it in Photoshop, spun it around 180 degrees next to it’s partner and voila!


yeah, the ambigram.

Looks the same turned either way.

It’s a fun little project for a Saturday afternoon, anyways.