The tagline for GoodKin is “A Celebration of Good”.

It’s a story website. It’s also something I’ve been working on with friends for a while and we’re excited to finally make it public. We thought, what better day to launch this project than the day we give thanks for all the good things in our lives? (originally launched on Thanksgiving)

Excerpt from the about page: “Using a collection of feeds from positive resources on design, common good, entertainment, and intellectual stimulation, we choose pieces to share with you that will encourage you to make positive connections and continue to grow. We intentionally avoid messy news stories and depressing topics. We’re not blind optimists and we know those things can’t be ignored, but you can certainly find those things from other sources.”

These are some of my favorite stories so far:

It’s still a baby, but the best way you could help us grow is to spread around any of the links you most enjoy with your friends. More traffic allows us to do more with the 20% of revenue we give away to good causes and also helps us to generate content that is more relevant for you. Enjoy!