One Kind of Criticism is Adjacent to Another with Jeff Goldblum

I love me some Jeff Goldblum. I love this. And please some of this. I can't find the Cooking with Jeff that features Jonathan Gold for some reason, but that one's my absolute favorite.Anyway. I've been listening to some of his jazz stuff on Spotify lately I've also recently came across some Palette Gear, so I needed something to practice my set up with. In hon[...]

Coaching & Systems: Will's Perspective

Hey! Lark's Song featured one of my onsite experiences on their website. I registered for the coach training program this last year. It has been a whirlwind, hard, good, and enriching. I'm still working on a few more of the requirements, but I've been through enough of the program that I can I highly recommend it to you. Here's an excerpts from the piece: "On [...]

Swiss Color P-words set in Poynter Old Style Display

In an effort push my usage of color into new territory, I begun to re-read Josef Alber's Interaction of Color. For a number of years now I've really enjoyed going to swisscolors for inspiration. I've found that if I try coming up with color schemes like this on my own, I tend to be overly critical of highly saturated and contrasty schemes and eschew them for more mon[...]

12 Documentaries for Makers, Designers, and Creatives

Over the years Joie and I have watched all kinds of documentaries together. There are all kinds of great documentaries out there that I'd put on a list of favorites. But as time went on, a different list started to form in my head of the movies that most influenced the way I think about my work, design, and creativity. I've googled "creative documentaries" and th[...]

Nobody Respect My Vision

There are so many classic lines from The Disaster Artist to choose from. The main consideration I put into what line to use for these pieces is how quotable they are. I opted for "Nobody respect my vision". It turns out nicely that it conveys the theme from the film so well. A man who pursues his dreams in the face of adversity and ridicule eventually receives acclaim[...]

Film Panoramas: Wes Anderson's The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel stitches are finally complete! This is my third run since I started sharing the Film Panorama project with you, almost exactly two years ago! If this is your first time seeing this project, I dig into a little more detail on my first post on Wes Anderson's Hotel Chevalier As I mentioned in with the Hotel Chevalier stitches, Wes Anderson[...]