Sophia Fleck ~ Portraits

This shoot is all thanks to my supportive friends:  My dear wife, Joie, who encouraged me to try something I'd never done before My good friend, Sophia, who, despite leaving for Chicago the same weekend as the shoot and Thailand after that, agreed to not only model for us, but whose family also opened their lovely home And one of my mightiest men, Caleb, who to[...]

Mike Pence Inauguration 2013 ~ Indianapolis

On top of the honor of a press badge at yesterday's event, I was able to grab a few extra shots here and there of Mike's and his staff's first few meetings of "Day One". It was such a pleasure.                                   [...]

Overdorf Branding

The Overdorf family immigrated from Germany to the Carolina's in the mid 1800's, then moved up towards Indiana nearer the end of the century. They acquired a large amount of swampland in central Indiana called, "Devil's Den", which they drained and turned into fertile farm land. Today, the Overdorf family is still farming and the Tipton Highschool's football team i[...]

Filmonaut X

Celebration is in order. This is technically the 10th Filmonaut Album! Let's call it, the 10th album anniversary... Another cause for celebration, is that I've now been shooting film for one solid year! (Including my first two analog albums, that actually makes 12 albums... but who's counting? Not me.) The final (and third) reason for celebration is the addition of[...]

Fun with Ambigrams - Yeah

The title is what's called an ambigram. An ambigram is a form of typography which allows for one word to be read in a number of ways (something I've just recently learned). This title from the DVD is a 180 degree rotational ambigram. I know that to most it's just a clever gimmick when applied to most forms of modern media, like this one. Nonetheless, I stil[...]

Ned & Sarah - Engaged!

Ned and Sarah are engaged! I'm so thankful they asked me to take care of their engagement shoot for them. It was such fun to take their anniversary shoot last year, even though the season is so much different this time around, they handled the snow so well!          

Mr. Steve Millikan

Mr. Millikan (otherwise known as the Steve Millikan) graciously agreed to be my guinea pig for a few experiments. They are as follows:  

Smith Family Blog in the Works

Hello, friends! Joie and I have had a great day of experiments and inspiration. Within the next week or so, we intend to open our new family blog. Today we worked on some of the branding for our new setup. Here's some of what happened: First I began with the great S (for Smith) which we will be able to use as an icon, avatar, or favicon. You can see a step b[...]

The Viewfinder Project

"The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera." ~ Dorothea Lange I love looking through different viewfinders. It tells me something about the perspective of what the person who made the camera thought was most important to see. I chose ten cameras (of all different sorts) to come with me on this project. Ibsor DRP Rodenstock, Ricoh[...]