Photo Restoration - Example

I recently finished a photo-restoration project with my ancestry-conscious relatives. These are my cousins grandparents. (hopefully you could tell: left is before, right is after)

Caleb Portraits

Caleb is graduating this year! We finally got the chance to go out and shoot in a few familiar places in Noblesville. Despite the cold, he kept his composure and pulled off a great set. Joie helped out with the lighting for this trip (as I'm sure you can tell she did very well...) and also braved the wintery weather like a champ. We got to try out a few new things and[...]

Unorthodox Portraits

This is a series of portraits from a digital photo assignment in Fall of 2011. The basic idea was to follow the guidelines for portraiture, but with an unorthodox solution. This was my second try and I went for a much more illustrative feel for these. Here is what I came up with: This one is obviously a composite. Someday when I get my old hard drive repaired I[...]

Josh - Verity Institute Portraits

I got this assignment to shoot portraits of Josh for his work at Verity Institute when I was studying with the Institute of Photographic Studies (IPS) when they came to Indianapolis. Josh was so much fun to work with and one classy fellow.¬†     Later in 2013 I also got the chance to shoot Josh and Emily's wedding video with the Ripplewave clan