Mr. Steve Millikan

Mr. Millikan (otherwise known as the Steve Millikan) graciously agreed to be my guinea pig for a few experiments. They are as follows:  

Smith Family Blog in the Works

Hello, friends! Joie and I have had a great day of experiments and inspiration. Within the next week or so, we intend to open our new family blog. Today we worked on some of the branding for our new setup. Here's some of what happened: First I began with the great S (for Smith) which we will be able to use as an icon, avatar, or favicon. You can see a step b[...]

The Viewfinder Project

"The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera." ~ Dorothea Lange I love looking through different viewfinders. It tells me something about the perspective of what the person who made the camera thought was most important to see. I chose ten cameras (of all different sorts) to come with me on this project. Ibsor DRP Rodenstock, Ricoh[...]

Storyboarding & Oolong

Wrapping up the finishing touches to a storyboard project with my trusty wild orange wulong oolong. (photos and tea courtesy of the Mrs.)

Photo Restoration - Example

I recently finished a photo-restoration project with my ancestry-conscious relatives. These are my cousins grandparents. (hopefully you could tell: left is before, right is after)

Caleb Portraits

Caleb is graduating this year! We finally got the chance to go out and shoot in a few familiar places in Noblesville. Despite the cold, he kept his composure and pulled off a great set. Joie helped out with the lighting for this trip (as I'm sure you can tell she did very well...) and also braved the wintery weather like a champ. We got to try out a few new things and[...]