Did you just say Cauliflower to me?

This weekend my dad and brothers went on our annual father/son retreat. We usually screen a film in the evenings on these outings. This time, when Evan and I heard the other fellas hadn't seen Steven Soderbergh and Rebecca Blunt's "Logan Lucky", we knew we'd had a winner. While there are a number of endearing scenes of dialogue in the film, nothing beats the way Adam [...]


The tagline for GoodKin is "A Celebration of Good". It's a story website. It's also something I've been working on with friends for a while and we're excited to finally make it public. We thought, what better day to launch this project than the day we give thanks for all the good things in our lives? (originally launched on Thanksgiving) Excerpt from the abo[...]

Reformer House

Reformer House is a Co-working space I've been working on with my dad Bill and my friend Dale for the last two years or so. We just officially opened and processed our first membership on the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation (October 31st, 2017). We've already filled the majority of our spots, but if you're looking for a community of creatives to challenge your[...]

Sextons Creek Productions

I started working for Sextons Creek this Spring as the VP of Productions. It's been an exciting time of growth and development. We grew from a 4 person team this April to working with 7 staff, a few close associates, and many friends and mentors in the industry by the end of this year.   We opened our primary offices and studio 20 minutes from downt[...]

Angela Herrington - Portraits

Shooting with Angela Herrington was a blast. Its great working with someone who trusts you to do well. Angela has been driving the Broken Beautiful BOLD online women’s ministry and coaching digital entrepreneurs. I always love learning more about my clients work and passion - using the camera as a format for connecting with them has always been a pleasure. Connecting [...]

Storm Sandlin - Portraits

My two cousins, Ben and Amelia have been writing together under the name Storm Sandlin for the last few years. Last year they released their first "Poe Inspired" collection of short stories and poems called, "A Chill in the Air". They have a really fun, quirky style that I think I can trace back to half Poe, half Burton inspired. At the same time, they have a sort of [...]

Filmonaut XXIII - Zenza Bronica on Ilford XP2 Super and Fuji 160 NS

I spent a lot of the early part of this year parting out a new Zenza Bronica ERTS. I purchased the film body, lens, film back, and view finder all separately. It took a while, but I ended up getting the whole thing put together for about 40% less than I would have spent if I had gotten one all in one piece. It's pretty heavy, but much more precise than the TLR I had b[...]

Film Panoramas: Ben Stiller's The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

The long promised panoramic stitches from The Secret Life of Walter Mitty are finally complete! This is my second foray into the Film Panorama world to share with you, the first was completed about 5 months ago. If this is your first time seeing this project, I dig into a little more detail on my first post on Wes Anderson's Hotel Chevalier The Secret Life of W[...]

Joie ~ Labor Day Weekend

This last weekend we finally got the chance to take Joie on a photoshoot! We've been wanting to do this for a while and we're so thankful that Grandma and Grandpa gifted us with an extended date. We ran a few errands and went out to lunch while they entertained the kids for us. And this happened: Each eye it cheers when she appears, Like Phoebus in the morn[...]

Film Panoramas: Wes Anderson's Hotel Chevalier

I'm so thrilled to share this next project with you! I've been working on a number of these for a while and finally surfaced enough to share my very first foray into the Film Panorama world with you: Hotel Chevalier. (p.s. Because these images are long panoramas, this post is best viewed on a desktop. If you're checking it out on mobile, turn your screen horizontally![...]