Filmonaut XX: Shooting with Jer Nelsen on Fuji GW690 III

I met Jer at IWU while taking photo classes with Rob Curfman. Curfman had Jer come in and show some of his conceptual work to the class. Now two winters ago, Jer and I reconnected through Jeremy Cowart's App OKDOTHIS. Jer is a film photo giant who's currently working on his MFA program. I absolutely loved gleaning film stock insights from his experience. For instance,[...]

Father/Son Excursion 2014 - Muscatatuck

I'm giving you fair warning that this is a bit longer than the usual post. This will focus on two exciting portions of our 2014 Father/Son Excursion; Muscatatuck exploration and the National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association Shooting Range. You may remember a previous post where we were given a guided tour of both Muscatatuck and Camp Atterbury... This time around, we [...]

Filmonaut XIX

These rolls have been sitting around for a while now, I'm glad I finally got to developing them. I've been a bit out of my normal shooting and developing routine. Getting images back like these always encourages me to hit it more consistently. These rolls contain the 2013 Father/Son Excursion to Spring Mill and a trek through the winter snow drifts with Trinity in the[...]

Food Typography - Proverbs 14:4

We had what we call a "Pinterest Party" at a friends house. The idea is to actually do one of those things you've pinned... which is harder than you might think. Anyway, I've been wanting to try food typography for quite a while now, so that's what I chose. I spent an afternoon Christmas season before last on a type project specifically for my Facebook cover photo.[...]

Filmonaut XVIII - Super Ricohflex on Ilford Delta 400

Last time I posted some film photos in the Filmonaut XVII album, I said that I wanted to obtain a medium format camera with more control than my Holga to shoot with those rolls of Ilford?  Well, here are the results from my brand new (traded, actually, from the 1950s) Super Ricohflex. These were all shot on Ilford Delta HP5 400. The combination of this film stock w[...]

DIY Projector with an iPhone and a Magnifying Glass

Every once in a while I see somebody create something so awesome, right up my alley, that I think to myself, "Why didn't I think of this?" That's really all this post is about. Sadly. Because I am the last to draw on this one.   The magnifying glass element I used, pushed into the whole in the box     My iPhone, playing a favorite movie (An[...]

Filmonaut XVII

Well, I've got quite a number of catch up rolls in here. As you can tell, some of these are from the the summer and some are from a couple weeks ago. I must have gotten the order mixed up somewhere along the line... Though they are nice to see when it is so frigid these days. I just got 5 more rolls of Ilford in the mail yesterday so I'll be shooting a lot more 120 be[...]

Slow Shutter Portraits

Decided to try some more slow shutter portraits last weekend. Karsyn and Hannah obliged to assist me. Using a 580 EX II and the flashlight on my iPhone. With a shutter of about 6 seconds, most of the light streaks are from the iPhone and eventually we just set the flash to manual mode and set it off at intervals. I was not sure about the results on camera at first (as[...]

Filmonaut XVI

Finally, a Filmonaut update! There are a massive amount to post this time. Lots from the Men's Retreat, some of Liam's arrival, and your every day doc. shots. This post brings with it exciting whisperings for a rather significant new project we'll (we being MJ and I) be undertaking for the Filmonaut subheading soon. Unfortunately for you, we don't have enough finished[...]

Filmonaut XV - Back to Holga

I finally got some 120 I shot with my Holga developed! I actually shot it last summer, so it had been sitting in my little film box for almost a year. I was so pleased with how they turned out! They are actually even clearer in than these images show, I think there was an issue with my scanner. But they are still clearer than most of my old 120 images from the first f[...]