Filmonaut XXII - McCormick's Creek - Ricoflex on Portra 400

The day after Beth and MJ were married at McCormick's Creek, the family stuck around to do some exploring of the grounds. One path lead to this great spot with cliffs and this miniature waterfall at the base of the creek. This also includes our trip down to Kentucky and some behind the scenes of a shoot we did at the IAHE conference. In hindsight, I think these ar[...]

Hannah + Grace - Portraits

Hannah and Grace have been in theater and ballet for many years. They have pioneered their own ballet program together that teaches basic design principles through the art. They are quick witted, kind, and very fun! It was ideal to have these two ladies dedicated to their fine art in such fine surroundings at the Paramount! These two shoots were about 3 months apart a[...]

Counters in Typography

In the Helvetica Documentary by Gary Hustwit, there is this section around the 20 minute mark where they discuss what made Helvetica so particular and recognizable. "When you talk about the design of The Hass Neue Grotesk, or Helvetica, what its all about is the interrelationship of the negative shape, the figure ground relationship, the shapes between characters [...]

Emily - Portraits

This is my sister Emily. She likes to act, dance, and be fun. She works at the library. Today is her 18th birthday. We got a opportunity to shoot in the Palladium Theater in Anderson, IN. I'll show you some more shots we got from that trip in a couple posts, I'm sure. MJ and I tag teamed with Emily and a few others over the last few weekends, so you'll see more of th[...]

Hight Family - Portraits

When you have two best friends who both need family photos and are both photographers, this is what you do. You both swap family portraits in an hour on your day off. I'm so happy with the shots MJ was able to get with my clan and I was so glad to capture this afternoon with his. They're known as the "little" Hight Family.       &n[...]

Filmonaut XXI - Ricohflex on Ilford Delta 400

It seems as though I'm always singing the same tune when it comes to my shooting film. I'm finally almost caught up with last summer! Once I've got all my processed rolls posted up to this point I'll share some fun work going on with a nifty Zenza Bronica ETRS I traded a while back. Also, stay posted for some gorgeous Portra I scanned in with Caleb not too long ago. [...]

David the Fox - Digital Sketch

I've been following a number of illustrators for a few years like Justin Gerard, Cory Godbey, and Christopher Denise. I've always been really interested in their approaches to physical and digital media and illustration processes. Last week, Joie and I got a special deal on matching Wacom Intous tablets! I've always wanted one of these. I'm excited to cut out the b[...]

Hello Dolly - Promo Shoot

TACHE's play for this year was "Hello Dolly!"   Working with Rebecca and her goofy cast again this year was very fun. It also happened to be my sister's senior year, cast as Dolly, and my good friend Nathan-Andrew as well, cast as Cornelius. Hello Dolly has been a family favorite since I was a kid, its so fun to see how they interpreted the characters and sce[...]

Filmonaut XX: Shooting with Jer Nelsen on Fuji GW690 III

I met Jer at IWU while taking photo classes with Rob Curfman. Curfman had Jer come in and show some of his conceptual work to the class. Now two winters ago, Jer and I reconnected through Jeremy Cowart's App OKDOTHIS. Jer is a film photo giant who's currently working on his MFA program. I absolutely loved gleaning film stock insights from his experience. For instance,[...]

Fonts: How to Use & Abuse ~ A Guest Post by Joshua

Introduction: Several weeks ago when I was at the bank, I noticed a little sign in the drive-through that read simply, “Please limit to three transactions.” It was in Comic Sans. What some people (like sign makers for banks) fail to realize, is that typefaces are a form of art, and like hanging the Mona Lisa on a bathroom wall, or playing a kazoo in Carnegie Hall, an[...]