Loading Film from a Disposable to a SLR - Waiting at the Airport

While on my way back to Indy from Tennessee this weekend I really wanted to get some more of those cool cloud landscape pictures with my 35mm from out the airplane window on the flight back. There's just one problem... I have no access to anyplace that sells 35mm film! When I finally got to downtown Nashville the night before my flight it was already past 8 pm, which [...]

Filmonaut XIV

If you saw my last post, you'll remember that 5 of the several rolls I recently developed turned out to be double exposures (no, it was not on purpose). These are the rest of those double exposure images along with a few "normal" ones. reunited old friends   This one actually turned out to be pretty cool... that section in the middle of the frame where t[...]

Fun With Ambigrams II - Liberty & Justice

After the fun I had with the "yeah" ambigram, I thought I'd give it another go. This time, I wanted to try two different words instead of just one. So instead of one ambigram saying yeah, it's one ambigram saying "liberty" one way and "justice" the other. Because of the nature of the ambigram, I wanted to pick two words which can seem opposed to each other sometimes, [...]

Filmonaut XI

Something odd happened to one of these rolls... the coloring has turned either entirely blue or has blue streaks across them. I'm thinking the developer is probably expired. Another roll is probably the messiest roll I have ever posted. Very hairy. Very linty. Out of focus from a bad scanner. Strange color cast. So they all look rather fun this time through. I don't k[...]

Fulton Rubber Type Outfit

A dream come true! My brother gifted a 1950s era Fulton Rubber Type Outfit to yours truly and it may sound cliche, but it's just what I've always wanted! I can't wait to find more exciting uses for it soon. For now, I'm pleased to have it open and calling for adventure.          

Filmonaut X

Celebration is in order. This is technically the 10th Filmonaut Album! Let's call it, the 10th album anniversary... Another cause for celebration, is that I've now been shooting film for one solid year! (Including my first two analog albums, that actually makes 12 albums... but who's counting? Not me.) The final (and third) reason for celebration is the addition of[...]

Fun with Ambigrams - Yeah

The title is what's called an ambigram. An ambigram is a form of typography which allows for one word to be read in a number of ways (something I've just recently learned). This title from the DVD is a 180 degree rotational ambigram. I know that to most it's just a clever gimmick when applied to most forms of modern media, like this one. Nonetheless, I stil[...]

The Viewfinder Project

"The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera." ~ Dorothea Lange I love looking through different viewfinders. It tells me something about the perspective of what the person who made the camera thought was most important to see. I chose ten cameras (of all different sorts) to come with me on this project. Ibsor DRP Rodenstock, Ricoh[...]

Unorthodox Portraits

This is a series of portraits from a digital photo assignment in Fall of 2011. The basic idea was to follow the guidelines for portraiture, but with an unorthodox solution. This was my second try and I went for a much more illustrative feel for these. Here is what I came up with: This one is obviously a composite. Someday when I get my old hard drive repaired I[...]