Syndicate Sales - Video Shoot

My first opportunity to work with Syndicate Sales at the Piccadilly in Indy was to promote their upcoming 2015 catalog. I was able to work with a friend of mine and got to meet the whole team of artists, designers, florists, and photographers. It was really something to work with these professionals who are so passionate about their work. The catalog is out now, so fe[...]

Father/Son Excursion 2014 - Muscatatuck

I'm giving you fair warning that this is a bit longer than the usual post. This will focus on two exciting portions of our 2014 Father/Son Excursion; Muscatatuck exploration and the National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association Shooting Range. You may remember a previous post where we were given a guided tour of both Muscatatuck and Camp Atterbury... This time around, we [...]

Pride & Prejudice - Promo Shoot

I've participated in plays with T.A.C.H.E since I was in High School, so when Rebecca approached me about working on promo shots for this year's play, "Pride & Prejudice" I was so pleased to work on it with them.        

Colleen - Portraits

I met Colleen at a coffee shop where she works. It turns out, its on my way through Indy and so I happen to see her there fairly often when I go through town. She's studying art and becoming a master barista at the same time!                

Gabe Lindman - Portraits

Its really an enjoyable experience when I get the chance to collaborate with my clients. In this case, because Gabe is from downtown, he did a good bit of location scouting for me near Mass Ave and Fountain Square. We met a few times before the shoot to articulate the look Gabe's personal brand calls for. I'd say all the preparation really paid off. In Gabe's own w[...]

Lara Postma - Portraits

Lara is a teen life coach from Chicago I've been doing a lot of work with lately. Her work focuses on helping teenagers discover their passion to make them better equipped for a deep understanding of their values, skills and interests. In addition to working with her brand, we spent a good bit of time developing the look and feel for her website and printed materials[...]

Filmonaut XIX

These rolls have been sitting around for a while now, I'm glad I finally got to developing them. I've been a bit out of my normal shooting and developing routine. Getting images back like these always encourages me to hit it more consistently. These rolls contain the 2013 Father/Son Excursion to Spring Mill and a trek through the winter snow drifts with Trinity in the[...]

iPhoneography IV

Time for another installment of iPhone photos. True to my word, I waited to post another one of these until I ran out of space on my phone and had to transfer them off. Joie and I decided not to even bring my DSLR on this trip. At first I thought it was a little risky, but it turned out great and I was able to rely on my phone for all of the memory capturing needs we [...]

Food Typography - Proverbs 14:4

We had what we call a "Pinterest Party" at a friends house. The idea is to actually do one of those things you've pinned... which is harder than you might think. Anyway, I've been wanting to try food typography for quite a while now, so that's what I chose. I spent an afternoon Christmas season before last on a type project specifically for my Facebook cover photo.[...]