Hey! Lark’s Song featured one of my onsite experiences on their website. I registered for the coach training program this last year. It has been a whirlwind, hard, good, and enriching. I’m still working on a few more of the requirements, but I’ve been through enough of the program that I can I highly recommend it to you. Here’s an excerpts from the piece:

“On February 1st and 2nd, the Cohort 11 of the LSCC training program participated in the fourth onsite: Coaching & Systems. This onsite focused on teaching the techniques and skills needed to coach a group or organization to reach their goals and develop their potential.”

“In addition to his personal relationships, Will explained that he would use the knowledge he gained at the onsite with colleagues and employees, as well as other companies to help them understand their purpose, mission, and voice. He explained, ‘I am a part of a lot of systems and every time we covered content it directly affected every system that I’m a part of.'”

“He believes that this kind of community is sometimes a space that you find, but may also be a space that you need to create. Will described the cohort as “‘a community that encourages authenticity and encourages being your whole self, being all in, being present.'”

You can check out the whole thing or read more from others who’ve gone through the program, or about any of their other 100 grand initiatives: https://www.larkssong.com/blog