It’s been so thrilling to participate with Attic Theatre in this year’s adaptation of Shakespeare’s, “Macbeth”. Let’s just say… Crime doesn’t pay. The story of a fallen war hero who gives in to his unsavory ambitions and sears his conscience with an initial act of treason results in a slippery slope of cover ups that eventually seal his fate at the hands of those whom he’s betrayed. It’s been a challenge to make this theme of restitution palatable for a modern audience, but ultimately has been very rewarding. I think our intention to make this story personal and relatable has shown through each portion of the production, including these promo shots!
The first series here have already been edited a little bit. In addition to the basics, I also accentuated the lighting to make it more dramatic and appear to be coming from one side more than the other.


The next series is the results of dozens of glass and paper textures as well as some significant burning and dodging to achieve a very antique look.


We hope to see you there at one of the performances:


South Harbour Clubhouse
Indianapolis, IN

March 4th, 5th, at 7pm and 6th at 2pm and 7pm