Reformer House is a Co-working space I’ve been working on with my dad Bill and my friend Dale for the last two years or so. We just officially opened and processed our first membership on the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation (October 31st, 2017).

We’ve already filled the majority of our spots, but if you’re looking for a community of creatives to challenge your work and resources to give you freedom, you should check out to get one of our last four memberships.


A Community that owns the work it does and does the work its passionate about.

We encourage people to build their work around their life calling and to do it in open community with each other.

We challenge the traditional environment corporations have developed for productivity and efficiency.

We believe your passion project should be your life project. We provide the support and resources you need to pursue that future and to experience it with people like you, learning, growing, and giving.