In an effort push my usage of color into new territory, I begun to re-read Josef Alber’s Interaction of Color. For a number of years now I’ve really enjoyed going to swisscolors for inspiration. I’ve found that if I try coming up with color schemes like this on my own, I tend to be overly critical of highly saturated and contrasty schemes and eschew them for more monochromatic desaturated schemes. Having schemes to pull from that I already like before diving in can really help me feel more confident.

That’s what this project stems from, pulling color schemes I already like and using them in random comps to help myself get more comfortable using them in the wild. As soon as I saw these comps set in Poynter Old Style Display, I could tell it was a match made in heaven.

Also, more p-words that didn’t make it into an image:

pontificate, palpitate, postulate, procrastinate, porridge, propitiation, pathology, paradox, pessimism, precipitation, polynomial, prolific, polymorphic, and perforated