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Taelyn - 2014

Taelyn is getting so big very fast! If for some strange reason you don't believe me, just take a look at this post from about the same time of the yea[...]

Snowed In

Along with finishing a number of projects and responding to emails I have been behind on, being snowed in for the last three days with arctic temperat[...]

Luke - Senior

Luke is really fun. He likes to play the guitar (and Mumford and Sons). He's interested in criminal justice and he loves his family. We had a grand lo[...]

Clay - Senior

Clay is graduating! It is a strange thing seeing boys grow into men. A good type of strange though. Especially considering a young man of character li[...]

Filmonaut XVI

Finally, a Filmonaut update! There are a massive amount to post this time. Lots from the Men's Retreat, some of Liam's arrival, and your every day doc[...]