So my new lens came in the mail today! I got it because the widest lens I had was an 18mm and was not wide enough for the interiors I have needed to shoot lately. These are just a few test shots I took this evening just after I got it out of the box. I used the previous widest angle I had, a 18-55mm Canon kit lens to the new 10-24mm Tamron. Both are set to the widest angle for all the comparisons (18mm and 10mm respectively).
The last three shots all show the difference of how much scale is captured by the lens

canon-18mm-sigma-10mm-comparison-lens-distortion-2-wmiii.coThis begins to show us what the lens distortion does to the proportions of an otherwise straight-barrel of the lens. The 18mm already has quite a bit of lens distortion to it, but the 10mm definitely exaggerates things.

canon-18mm-sigma-10mm-comparison-lens-distortion-1-wmiii.coNothing shows just how much lens distortion warps proportion like the human face does.

That’s it for now. I know I’ll learn it’s strengths and get to know it much better in the future. Maybe I’ll even give you an update about it later when I have a little more experience with it under my belt. We shall see.