About a month ago a young man from Berlin came to visit on his vacation. Thorsten works for a conservative publication in Berlin and he also attends a church pastored by friends of ours. He came to the United States on his personal vacation time to study American politics, but specifically to answer the question: How does one live out their faith in the political arena?

Though he later continued to Washington D.C. and New York, he started his adventure here in Indiana. I was able to follow him through Indianapolis for a day in December, where I got to witness those meetings first hand.

He was somewhat of a young William Wilberforce from Berlin, really. I’m sure they are the questions that all Christians in such a position must ask themselves, however, this question was so sincere in Thorsten’s mind that he spent his vacation interviewing journalists, politicians, and news reporters to gain perspective.
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talking with Lani Czarniecki and Bill Smith

Lunch at First Watch, Thorsten loved American burgers and this was his first time trying a Reuben. It was such a pleasure to be able to sit in on those meetings and gain a good dose of perspective as well. Having lunch and diner with him on more than one occasion also gave me a window into his character and contagious passion.

meeting with Curt Smith and Russ Pulliam
Thorsten-Bruckner-Indiana-Circle-Center-wmiii.co-4He’s now back in Germany interning at a Christian magazine.