This is a series of portraits from a digital photo assignment in Fall of 2011. The basic idea was to follow the guidelines for portraiture, but with an unorthodox solution. This was my second try and I went for a much more illustrative feel for these. Here is what I came up with:


This one is obviously a composite. Someday when I get my old hard drive repaired I’d like to show a behind the scenes of how we went about achieving it. We shot MJ seperately on a reflector and then I climbed up into the tree to grad the bird’s eye view shot. We did our best to keep the lighting in the same location and at the same angle shooting the subject and background.


MJ is always up for the most uncomfortable types of experiments. Like rubbing dirt all over your body.


I had the concept for a worm’s eye view shot a while back with the subject standing about the viewpoint, as if they were on glass or the viewer is beneath the ground looking up. This is our second attempt with this concept. I say our because I had a lot of help with this one from MJ and Miss Kristi.


This one ended up being the winner, especially after adding the ground texture in post. It headlined the series and won first and second place in a few art exhibits. It’s taught me that if you aren’t completely satisfied with your final shot (but it’s a winsome concept), you really owe it to the piece to give it another go.