I’m unleashing a story coaching series in 5 parts. I’m calling this series YARN.

What is story coaching?

We all tell ourselves a story. In this story, ideas ebb and flow and reinforce themes like why we are the kind of person we think we are, what kinds of roles those closest to us inhabit, and why we are met with success or failure. By becoming more aware of what themes are repeating in your story and by developing an understanding of a few basic story structures, you can gain new influence over your narrative.

To Make Sense Of

At their simplest, stories are tools we use to make sense of our experience. We often do this subconsciously. Individual experiences can be meaningful, but by stringing them together in a particular order, they can provide new meaning we previously couldn’t see. By intentionally ordering our experiences, we can tell ourselves powerful, truthful stories instead of ones that feed a false narrative.


It’s a part of our nature to view ourselves as the hero of our own story. But there are many other characters that can contribute themes and meaning to a story. A guide can give the hero a vision for the future or tools for success. A villain often shares similar motivations as a hero, but sets different objectives and exhibits different behaviors (the “shadowside” of the hero).

Status Quo

Status quo is called the Thesis in a story. This includes your current ideas about who you are, what the world is like, your relationships, and what makes you valuable. Some of us can begin to feel stuck in the status quo. One day, you see a small thread sticking out from under the wall. You’re tempted to give it a little tug… will it just break off, or will something unravel? It’s a way of testing your assumptions to see how solid they really are.


Rhythm is one of the most powerful forces in nature. Think of the way a stone can be carved with a simple drip of water repeating slowly over time. Our lives take on natural rhythms. The more these rhythms repeat, the more we recognize themes surfacing. We aren’t powerless to resist these habits, nor do we have to wrestle them into submission. There are ways to embrace the flow of its movement that lead to enjoyment and freedom.

The full YARN package is valued at $300, but because I’m still completing my coaching certification through Lark’s Song supervisions, I’m offering it to the first 3 people that sign up for $200. Sign up below if you’d like to get started, or email me at wm.smith.3@gmail.com if you have any questions.

The 5 parts of the series include:

– a discovery session where I’ll learn about you and we’ll design an alliance together. (1 hour)

– 3 sessions of story coaching (45 minutes each)

– a finale session (1 hour)

Through this series we’ll work together to help your stories achieve their highest calling, which is transformation.

If you’re not sure what coaching is or whether or not you would benefit, let me know. We can set up a free 15 minute sample session.